Transforming Gender Norms

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EMTHONJENI WOMEN’S FORUM (EWF) is focused on creating a GBV free society through transforming
gender norms so as to promote gender equitable systems and structures. The thrust aims at changing
the power dynamics and structures that serve to reinforce gendered inequalities. It also seeks to
address the social norms, attitudes, behaviours, and social systems that underlie gender inequality.
Therefore, EWF uses a holistic approach, targeting the survivor and perpetrator as well as traditional
and religious leaders in transforming negative social norms that perpetuate GBV.

EMTHONJENI WOMEN’S FORUM (EWF) transforming gender norms work is premised on the following:

  • Women challenging harmful cultural practices that perpetuate GBV.
  •  Using a multi-sectoral approach with stakeholders taking action towards addressing GBV.
  • Traditional leaders taking a stand to fight GBV through protecting women and girls.
  • Men championing the work of GBV reduction and promoting gender equality within

Religious leaders fighting GBV within community faith spaces using the SASA! FAITH Model.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SO FAR EWF HAS YIELDED THE FOLLOWING:

  • Improved coordination of GBV service provision by the district stakeholders for both Insiza
    and Umzingwane.
  •  Traditional leaders providing safe havens for survivors of physical abuse.
  •  Women taking action through reporting gender-based violence cases.
  •  Women taking action by reporting gender-based violence violations on behalf of victims.
  •  Survivors making informed decisions about their situations.
  •  Women realizing the need to hold duty bearers accountable for poor GBV service delivery
    within their communities.
  •  Male champions of change, raising awareness amongst men in the community on GBV issues.
  •  Young men mobilizing their peers towards GBV reduction campaigns.
  •  Improved GBV referral system through the use of GBV referral books.
  •  Improved knowledge and positive attitudes in line with SASA! Faith values.
  •  Faith leaders engaging in dialogue within their faith spaces on GBV.
  •  Faith communities establishing structures that support women who encounter GBV.
  •  Faith spaces reporting cases of GBV.
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